Shadow is Reinforced Cookies own pony.


Shadow is an average-sized pony, who is black in color. She has red stripes and matching red eyes. Her mane and tail are also red, and she has a horn and wings.


Shadow is A loner, so she tends to stay away from the other ponies. But when she does get close to them, she doesn't really care for them, and mostly ignores them. Most of the ponies tend to stay away from her, because she gets really angered easily, and you won't know what she'll do next.

Where She IsEdit

Shadow, along with Silver, and Sonic are actually OC's, so they mostly come out in role play, and other things.


"You need to start expecting the unexpected when I'm around, 'Cause you'll never know what can happen."

"Welp, I'll have you know, that if you mess with me, there's a 99.9% chance that you will end up in the hospital."